Perricone No Sun Tanner

Keeping with the tanning theme – I am LOVING this self tanner.

What’s to love? Well:

  • It smells of coconut – Not an inkling of fake tan smell (score!).
  • It doesn’t go orange.
  • It gradually builds colour rather than giving a one-colour-suits-all look.
  • It layers on top of my usual skincare routine in the morning without giving me breakouts or feeling greasy.
  • It doesn’t come with *sparkly bits* – I want colour on my face – I’m not 14 thanks
  • Judging by my usage one bottle will last me well into Autumn.

The setback? Actually – there isn’t one.

I was going to talk about the price at this point – this is £50 for 118ml – not cheap I know but I don’t scrimp when it comes to my face. (Although this can be used all over the body – on this body from the boobage down its el cheapo)

So anyway, I did some comparitive shopping and it works out cheaper than similar products from Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel and Lancome – all of which I have bought in the past.
Yes really. I was surprised too. They sell for around the £26 mark (give or take) for 50ml. You do the math.


Now he just needs to get his BUTT over here to the UK in person. I’m not joking. There’s only so much salmon one woman can eat. Someone get RIGHT on that please? Alrighty then.

The Fine Print (aren’t you on holiday yet? Yeah you. You know who you are): my first bottle of this was a PR sample. My next one will be purchased by my bank card. And I made my Mum buy one too. So there.