I’ve been meaning to tell you….Summery goodies

So now I’ve explained where the HELL I’ve been lately I thought I’d group together some of my recent discoveries/likes/loves/obsessions under one roof. Let’s call it my weekly round-up….

The new Oral-B toothpaste was launched yesterday.  Already obsessed. It claims to target the 8 key areas that you usually either need a couple of toothpastes to cover – or areas that you sacrifice because your fave toothpaste doesn’t do ‘all of the above’. My two main concerns are sensitivity and whitening.  Obviously too soon to talk about results but what I LOVE is the grittiness. It’s gritty – but it’s not abrasive grit. It’s ‘good for you’ grit.. Anyway..I could go on. So far, SO good. Around £3.49 from the usual suspects.

For those moments when you’re about to go into a meeting/have a first snog (you know, when you still care..) or have just had a god-awful combination of drinking tea and eating onions in your lunch (just me then) and don’t have time to brush your teeth, grab one of these:

I was sent these Sweet Breath sprays as a festival must-have – and being over the age of *coughs*, duly gave them to my two teenagers before they headed off for Download. No word from them on what they thought – and seeing as they came back without shoes I can see it was maybe not their priority, but I took the third one for myself and keep it in my bag for any of the reasons listed above. Quick, painless and well handy. I’ve just discovered they come in cinnamon flavour. It BETTER be available over here. Dagnammit.

I love anything US-related – whether it’s a crime show – I swear I’d watch CSI Wigan – or food – obviously – or product.
Lookie how CUTE the new Limited Edition 4th July Steam Cream is!

I’ve had four or five Steam Creams over the last couple of years and never get to use them. they always get taken by the aforementioned teens. I’m hiding this one.

And finally:

My favourite shampoo ever is Frederic Fekkai’s Technician. If you haven’t tried it – you can now. On Wednesday 13th July Fekkai and Debenhams are having a ‘shampoo swap’. All you have to do is go to participating stores* with a half-used or empty bottle of your regular shampoo and they will exchange it for one of these:

I don’t normally write straight up about offers or things of this nature – but this is a ‘Don’t Miss’. This is a brilliant shampoo from a brilliant range.
My only beef with Fekkai is that the Shea Butter range for BODY is not available over here. It is beyond divine. Someone have a word. Please?

*London Oxford St, Wakefield, Manchester, Trafford, Glasgow, Preston, Metro Centre, Liverpool and Henry St Dublin. While stocks last.