SUPER by Dr Perricone

Since I turned ‘a certain age’ I have praised the original Perricone range for its efficacy and the man himself for his so-simple-it-makes-perfect-sense advice given in his range of books (a great place to start if you’re interested in the skin in general).

Perhaps recognising that the original range is more repair – and obviously in the higher end of the market price-wise, last year Dr Perricone launched the SUPER range in the USA. Aimed more (but not entirely) at prevention, and priced accordingly – it has been a huge success – and it lands on our shores in September.

Consisting of 14 products – the range is based on Perricone’s ‘Superfood’ theory.

Superfoods contain the highest concentration of phytochemicals – plant based chemicals that fight the ageing process. When extracted from foods, concentrated, stabilized and applied topically – they work as a massive anti-inflammatory and aid cell repair.

The superfoods used in this range include (but are not limited to): ginger, turmeric, olive, apple, watercress, chia, yoghurt, coconut, acai, melon, red algae and chili (which should help you with your next shopping list when you’re in the supermarket).

The range itself consists of cleanser, toner, moisturisers across the skin types, treatments for night, breakouts, lines, mask, eye cream, lip cream and more.

I will be doing a review of the products themselves in the near future.

SUPER launches in September and is available from larger Boots stores, Selfridges and

See what I mean about the common sense?