Limited Edition Jimmy Choo fragrance and Tamara Mellon on tumblr.

If you love the original Jimmy Choo fragrance and have a slight penchant for a Limited Edition…you may want to get your orders in now for this little beauty….

No on-counter date yet but it will retail at £98.00 for 40ml. Forewarned is forearmed.

In the meantime Tamara Mellon has a new ‘pop-up’ tumblr. account showcasing her inspirations behind the company’s first fragrance.

She is posting daily from today through till 5th October. Expect fashion inspirations, style tips, beauty secrets and travel advice.
Today’s post is all about her musical inspirations and includes one of my favourite pictures of my favourite artists….

You were expecting Simon Le Bon weren’t you?

Tamara’s tumblr account can be found here.
Beauty Mouth tumblr is here.
Jimmy Choo fragrance is available nationwide.