Product of the Week – Beauty Works West – CLEANSE

OK – I’ve made my feelings clear on cleansing wipes in the past. Strong feelings. However, if someone takes the initiative to take something and do it really well – I’ll always pay attention.

Beauty Works West is a gorgeous medispa in Notting Hill and where I happen to have popped for a pedicure this week (which was BLOODY AMAZING by the way). It’s the kind of place where as a therapist, it ticks every box – clean, crisp, comforting, luxurious and most importantly, great staff – from the receptionists to the therapists themselves. Anyway, I digress.

Paying at the till I saw these on the side and reading the pack out of the corner of my eye instinctively picked them up. Why? I confess to keeping wipes in my bag through the whole of the Summer – when you’ve got small children they are a must-have – and refusing to put synthetic, alcohol-laden crap all over my babies faces I have struggled to find some I was happy with.

So bearing that in mind – this is what I read at the till:

  • Soil Association Emblem
  • organic cotton
  • organic aloe vera
  • organic pomegranate
  • colour and fragrance free
  • paraben free
  • not tested on animals
  • no harsh or synthetic materials
  • no synthetic laureth sulphate
  • no formaldehyde

You can see why I picked them up. So my question is: If wipes can be done in this way – why isn’t everyone doing them? Beauty Works West – I salute you.

CLEANSE cleansing cloths are priced at £6.99 and are available here.

And wanting to share the love – Beauty Works West have offered 5 packets of CLEANSE to BM readers. See? Told you they were nice peeps. Especially after seeing what I have previously said about wipes on this blog! (That still stands by the way if you’re talking about something that costs a quid from a chemist)

As before, just leave your twitter id or email in the comments below. And try them. They’re lush.

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