Hall of Fame – Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream

I love it when I stumble across a product that over-performs and becomes a staple in my skincare wardrobe.

This is one of those times.

I bought this in New York this Summer and have literally used it night and day since. It ran out yesterday morning (gutted – although it did remind me to blog about it) and I am DEFINITELY repurchasing.

When I bought it I thought it would be ‘interesting’ as it said it was for combination/sensitive skin and particularly good for acne. Well that Kate Somerville – she NO LIE.

What’s in it?
Goat Milk – lactose being the key part of this inci – gently exfoliates but maintains the PH balance of the skin
Coconut and Jojoba – moisturising without clogging pores
Grape Seed for antioxidant purposes
Witch Hazel – anti-bacterial
Avocado – nourishing
Rosemary – anti-bacterial and toning
Neem – healing and anti-bacterial
Black Willow Bark – antimicrobial – same properties of salicylic acid which kills the germ specific to acne

What’s good about it?
It works. Straight to the point I know, but it soothes redness so is suitable for sensitivity as well as acne-prone skins and is also cooling upon application.
The instances of red cyst-like acne lumps on my face almost ceased entirely. I had a couple show themselves at that time of the month but that was it.
Absorbs nicely. Skin feels comfortable with no residual tackiness.
Comes in a completely air-tight pump action pot that dispenses just the right amount and also stays germ-free.
It’s 80% organic. Who knew?

What’s bad about it?
Not widely available in the UK. Only available in selected Space NK stores.
The $ versus £ price is as per usual, favourable to buying in the USA.

That’s it.

If you have redness, sensitivity, acne or combination skin, I highly, highly recommend this product.

Goat Milk is approximately £50.00 with the exchange rate and available from KateSomerville.com