The Civil Wars

One thing I love more than beauty? Music. Live it, breathe it…obsessed. It’s how I met the OH. Singing on stage. (4 kids and 40lbs ago but whatever..)

Last October the mister said ‘You have to listen to THIS.’

‘THIS’ was The Civil Wars on Later with Jools Holland. <—- that performance led to the band trending on twitter worldwide straight after the show. By the next day the import-only album was no.15 on the iTunes chart in the UK.

By the time they got to the chord changes at 2.40 into the song I had downloaded everything they had released from iTunes. And when it finished I played it again. And again. And again. I’ve pretty much had them on repeat ever since.

If you’ve ever had anything resembling a relationship you have to listen to this:

Poison & Wine

The back and forth, his-and-hers telling of the story is completely mesmerising.

In a world full of homogenised, manufactured, meaningless, talentless dross, these two unbelievably, beyond-the-norm ridiculously talented musicians have literally given me hope. Even their tumblr is gorgeous. 

Barton Hollow is being released as a single on 5th March.

The album of the same name is out the same day. 

They’re also touring in March. Beg, borrow, steal or BUNK IN (sorry but needs must and they’re worth getting arrested for) to see this band.  

Adele – who they supported on her last tour – said ‘The Civil Wars are by far the BEST live band I have EVER seen.’

Get in there early. They’ve since been nominated for 2 Grammys and are about to go global.

The last time I was this excited about music was when I first heard Jeff Buckley. Enough said.

I love them more than Emma Hardie cleanser and Alpha-H Liquid Gold. There. I got some beauty in.