Mineral Oil – a rant

I go on and on about mineral oil all the time and am always asked what I have against it.

Here’s the thing.

It has no benefit to your skin. Whatsoever. Companies use it because it’s cheap – it’s not even cheap – the big oil companies pay people to take it off their hands.

Plant-based oils are far more beneficial to the skin – but they are more expensive. That is the only reason more companies don’t switch from mineral oil to better options.

Honestly, when I see pots of cream that cost hundreds of pounds/dollars and the first listed ingredient is ‘Petrolatum/Mineral Oil’ I could cry. Or shout. Probably shout.

Yes, you get brands saying ‘But it’s refined medical-grade mineral oil!’.

Well Whoopie-DO. *jazz hands*

I suppose that means an omelette isn’t really an egg. 

You all have a choice – and each to their own. I haven’t used mineral oil on my face for over 20 years. And I’ve never put it on my kids faces.

That’s all.