Clinic on Thursday – Clinic is Closed.

Ok here’s the thing: I’m stupid busy at the moment. All for amazing reasons – but still – ridiculously busy.

After kids, hubby, parents, 12 clients and growing, Give and Makeup, B.I.T.E. and learning to drive (because I clearly don’t have enough on my plate), I have this blog.

I have such a vast array of products waiting to be blogged about – and treatments – and places etc etc that I got a little overwhelmed at Christmas and took down my ‘Ask me’ page because I couldn’t get back to people in a reasonable time.

But two things happened:

1, I really missed answering all your questions – I love the feeling that something I’m saying might actually help someone with a skin-related problem that really gets them down/frustrates them.

2, It didn’t stop the emails – or the questions from people when I bumped into them.. ‘Ooh I meant to ask you.. what did you say was great for…’ etc

So I thought I’d try this. Every Thursday I’ll have an all-day Clinic. Just leave your question in the comments and I’ll get back to you the same day/Friday at a push.

It may work, it may not, but it’s worth a go yes?

It may be a quick product Q or an emergency skin Q – or something that you’ve always wondered about but were too embarrassed to ask (feel free to be anonymous).

Whichever…let’s give it a go.