Kim Kardashian – and those eyebrows

Everyone has an opinion about KK. The TV show, THAT wedding, the mother, the sisters, the unspeakably tall soon-to-be ex-husband (she never should have married him – SO RUDE) the hysterically funny needs-his-own-show Scott Disick – all of them. Whatever.
That’s not what I’m interested in.
I believe she is working on her make-up line as we speak.
Very sensible and obvious business move – the Pixiwoo KK tutorial has been viewed 1.3 million times.
There’s a demand.

Know what I want from the Kardashians? A Brow Kit. Never in the history of telly has one family done so much for brows.

Just sayin. That’s it. Brow Kit please.

Normal service will resume – don’t worry – just having a KK moment.

Oh. And. PS. I like the perfume. Bite me.