The ‘I know it’s not a Hero Product but it bloody-well-should-be!’ Support Club

So following on from the ridiculously popular post on Monday (you Ladies really needed to vent didn’t you??!) – it’s time for the other side of the coin.

Everyone has something that they LOVE/thinks works brilliantly/obsesses over that doesn’t really get seen much in the press – whether it’s because it is a small niche brand or belongs to a bigger house that focuses on their (coughs) ‘Hero Product’ in the press.

We’ve had words like ‘grim, hideous, nasty’ etc – let’s see what you think is beyond brilliant/amazing etc…

So – in the spirit of fair play, mine are…..

Suti Cleanse Facial Cleanser – just a bloody brilliant balm cleanser from a very small independent British company *waves flag* that needs to be on Beauty pages of the big glossies. Stat. Go see for yourself.

DJV Beautenizer mascara – £18.00 for a mascara that works better than the supposed ‘Hero’ ones. Brilliant, quick, look like your wearing extensions. Marvellous.

Victoria’s Secret Lip Glosses and Body Sprays – While everyone was ‘all-hailing’ the arrival of VS to the UK later this year and tweeting about underwear, I was punching the sky Rocky-Balboa-style (and no that does not embarrass me – I love me some Balboa) that their beauty department will be coming over with the knickers. Affordable, wearable and better than any ‘Hero Product’ lip gloss out there – bring it on! And don’t take my word for it – just ask @helenjnt

So Ladies – over to you: SHARE!