The perfect Thalgo, Aveda and Elemis bath.

My steamy Sunday.

In the same vein as the supplement post from yesterday – I’ve been meaning to write about my perfect bath for a while. As it was Mother’s Day this past Sunday (in the UK) I took the time for one of my’ mega baths’.  This basically involves me throwing all manner of products into a huge boiling bath (yes I know all about broken veins on my legs – I could give a rats arse) and laying in it for as long as possible – well, until I get bored or too shrivelled.

Above is what I used this week. The picture looks out of focus – its not – that’s steam from said bath…!

Working from right to left:

Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts – these are not actually released until April. I was lucky enough to get a sample pre-sale and they are SO lovely. Aveda’s first Eco Cert endorsed range, Stress Fix is scented with lavender and clary sage. As soon as it hits the water the scent explodes around the room – it’s lovely, not too lavender-y, just really fresh and relaxing. This is a mixture of sugar and salt – so it gently exfoliates while also de-stressing. The range also has a body lotion, pure-fume roller ball and Stress Fix treatments will be launching in their treatment rooms simultaneously. As per usual Aveda, job well done.

Thalgo Thalassobath with Algae – this is for those of us that enjoy bathing in what quite literally, is the sea. It’s 76% sea salts and 24% fresh algae. Be warned: it smells of the sea – it’s strong, sludgey (yes that is a word) and you will have to wash your bath (properly) afterwards. SO worth it though. Bits of the sea floating in the bath – I recommend standing up and showering afterwards. Otherwise you have green sludge on you when you are applying body creams. I’m really selling it here aren’t I?!
Seriously – recommended.

Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak – This beauty has been on this blog before and was the first recipient in my Hall of Fame. It still stands alone as the best muscle soak out there. I add this last as it has a mild soap base and thus cuts through the tiny bit of oil in the Aveda. Also: blows your nostrils out of your head.
Can’t recommend enough. That is all.