Clinic on Thursday – Kind of…CLINIC IS CLOSED.


Regular readers of this blog will know that the Clinic has been getting busier and busier – so much so that I finished last week’s questions on Tuesday night this week.

As more and more (lovely) people read it – there is also a lot of repetition. A lot of you have the same problems – mainly acne/little red raised bumps/greasy/combination/obsession with pores etc 

It then occurred to me that I have not yet done a cheat sheet on acne/little red bumps (your words) – SO – I am working on one to be up hopefully before the weekend.

I am also working on a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Cheat Sheet – which will basically say ‘use a non-mineral oil cleanser and take a LOT of fish oil’. 🙂

This week the Clinic will be a little different – I have a HUGE exam next week and need to spend time revising rather than discussing zits.

So I would ask this: the Clinic is open. 

If however, your question is extremely similar to one I have answered previously I will publish it – but refer you back to previous clinics.

If your question is related to any kind of spot/zit/acne/little red bumps, please wait for the cheat sheet and ask any questions under that if possible.

And one final word – I started the Clinic because I was receiving so many emails from readers asking my advice. With the utmost respect, it is not a forum. 

I had quite a few readers jump in and answer people’s questions before I could get to them in the last few clinics – and in all honesty, if I disagree with anything you have said I’m just not publishing them. Not because I’m being a diva – merely because it doubles the workload. I need to answer the initial question, then the follow-up comments from someone else – THEN correct them. If I agree with everything you’ve said – I’ll publish. 

I am not referring to readers who join in and say ‘I’ve got that too! Can you help me also?’ etc etc

So if you are one of the readers that has answered a question from another reader recently and haven’t seen it published – that is why. I’m sorry but I have to recognise my limitations – there’s only one of me – I hope you understand.

Off we go! 🙂