The one where I sell my soul to the Devil – or 'Step Away from the Bioderma'

If you are a regular reader of this blog – you will know my feelings on wipes, only ever using cleansing water, general laziness over effort.

However: *breathe* I know that some of you for numerous reasons – need something quick and easy for occasional use. Occasional. Use. I’m talking airplanes, hospitals, kids face paint and drunken nights out that would otherwise result in you sleeping in your makeup.

Products like Bioderma originally came to the fore because makeup artists used (and still use – obvs) it backstage to get a full face of heavy makeup off a model in 10 seconds flat. It’s great for doing that. It doesn’t mean you use it every day and every evening in the real world. Unless you are Helena backstage at D & G – You need to wash your face.

So, at the Natural and Organic Show in Olympia recently I came across these. While I wouldn’t advocate using them regularly – they seem to be gentle and very quick – in essence…

If you must use something to remove eye makeup in a hurry – you could do worse.

I don’t hate them. That’s about as good as it gets from me on the instantaneous removal issue.

Available in Waitrose and organic shops.

By the way – don’t think it escaped my attention that when you google ‘organic facial cleansing pads’ – Liz Earle and Olay (!?!) pay for the two top advertising spots.

You are not organic. And false advertising should be illegal.

Rant over. Thank you for listening.