A Week in the Life of the blog.

You know sometimes you stand back and think ‘WOW – what just happened?’ – the last 7 days have been that for me.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Monaco courtesy of La Prairie. 

Having dinner with Prince Albert. 

As you do.

When I got home I was asked to give a quote to Debenhams about ‘saving the flannel’. I love a flannel.

So I did.

As you do.

Debenhams very kindly sent me a Gift Card and I thought no more of it.

Monday I went live on the ‘What’s in My Handbag‘ site. 

(We women really do like a nosy in other people’s cupboards don’t we?)

Early Monday morning I received an email advising me that I was quoted in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph.

‘Oh – that’s nice – Mum will be proud!’

#savetheflannel started to take hold on twitter and I was the butt of many a joke from my many (lovely) fellow bloggers. 

As you would expect. 

Naming no names (read the labels).

Monday afternoon I was on my way to a SpaceNK store to do some training when I get a message from the lovely Clare Forde – who very kindly provides free PR for Give and Makeup. And I quote:


Turns out BBC Radio 5live had been trying to track me down, had managed to find Clare through Give and Makeup and ‘would I appear on their show that day to talk about ‘my save the flannel’ campaign?’.

And so it was that on Monday at 4.55pm I defended the flannel. 

On national radio. 

From a SpaceNK stockroom.

As you do.

Well it turns out all that activity pushed people towards this lovely little site and at some point yesterday I surpassed 1,000,000 page views. One MILLION page views. 

So the upshot of all of this? I just want to say Thank You to those of you that have supported the site from the beginning, tweeted me questions, emailed me directly, harassed me when I haven’t posted as regularly as you would like, recommended me and most importantly to those of you that have bared your soul – and in some cases your faces on the Clinic days:

Thank you. No, really.


I’m really rather chuffed.

As Del Boy would say: ‘Well, we’ve had worse days.’