Clinic on Thursday – Clinic is CLOSED!!!


Hi Everyone,

I appreciate your patience over the last couple of weeks. Driving test done and dusted and back on track!


I’m doing the Moonwalk this weekend. (Pictures of boobage to follow) 

Should you feel the wonderful desire to sponsor us the link is over there —> on the sidebar. SO – I won’t have as much time for loads of in-depth skin analysis questions this week. 

I will obviously publish all your questions but would really appreciate it if they could be of the shorter variety – more akin to twitter q’s such as: Should I use xx cleanser or xx? Do you rate this eye cream? Why is my foundation patchy? etc etc

Sore feet or not I’ll be responding as soon as I can!

Also – don’t forget to enter the Clarisonic Giveaway here – it’s open until 7pm on Friday.