Clinic on Thursday – CLINIC IS CLOSED

Morning All!
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The Clinic is open – could I ask a couple of things?

Can you please contact me here if you have re-commented on last week’s Clinic or have emailed me and are still awaiting a response? Apologies – but as I know you’ll understand it’s a lot to keep up with.

And I’m sorry to reiterate but please don’t email me your queries unless I specifically ask you to on the blog (i.e. for further information) – if only 1% of my (lovely) readers from last week emailed me, I’d still be dealing with 160 emails – all of which are very detailed and take a lot of thought – on top of the Clinic, the blog, full-time work and a very large family. 

All of which I adore and am blessed with – I’m not complaining – BUT – I have to stop somewhere.

Thank you for your continued support – this site has opened so many doors for me and I am very grateful to you all.