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EF MEDISPA launch Biologique Recherche

Well thank the Sweet Baby Jesus for THAT. 

FINALLY. Someone has had the good sense to get BR into the UK!!!

I can exclusively reveal that EF Medispa in St Johns Wood is now stocking Biologique Recherch√© AND doing their facials. *faints*

What I don’t know as of yet is if they will be stocking P50V – which is my preferred version and which the BORE-Ocrats in the EU had issues with – the crusty faced swines.

Needless to say I will be checking it out as soon as I possibly can and reporting back straight away, but let me just say this – yours truly couldn’t be more excited if it involved Liverpool winning on Saturday, Simon Le Bon waiting on my doorstep and the Barefoot Contessa making me dinner.

EF Medispa

*If you don’t follow me on twitter that last sentence will make absolutely no sense to you. WHATSOEVER. Apologies.