Fortnum & Mason Summer Scents aka Private Perfume Party – Tuesday 29th May

I watched an interview with Michael Winner over the weekend where he said that the English were on the whole, dreadful at Customer Service. He was referring to restaurants in particular – you know – the allegedly upmarket ones where you are greeted not with ‘Good Morning Sir/Madam’, but ‘Have you got a reservation?’ 

In Winner’s words, ‘What’s THAT got to do with anything?’

In department store terms the same thing occurs. There are certain stores in Central London where you are greeted by a security guard giving you the once over.

And then there is Fortnum & Mason. *insert audible sigh* I love F&M. Yes there are other wonderful stores in London. But here, the staff are the best dressed and the most polite in town – and no apologies from me on that score. Customer Service I KNOW. 

F&M are unbeatable.

I have regular business meetings in the Fountain and the Parlour (waves to Alex), both busy, both with amazing service and delicious food. I have digressed completely – but if you have never been – and think of it as the home of tea and jam and biscuits and her Maj, think again. Do yourself a favour. Go.

*inserts totally gratuitous picture of one of the Treatment Rooms – more of which to come at a later date*

If you happen to be around next Tuesday 29th, Fortnums are holding an amazing evening of perfumes, discovery and interaction that is a must for fragrance lovers.

With Brand Ambassadors from Creed, Caron, Guerlain, Clive Christian (go smell ‘X’ *dies*), Illuminum (Kate Middleton’s fragrance of choice on her wedding day) and an appearance from Azagury himself, it promises to be an eventful evening.

For those in attendance there is also the little matter of this hamper full of fragrance and worth over £1000 up for grabs. 

(Apologies for the picture – I fired it off today after a meeting – and the ginormous Guerlain bottle is display – calm down!)

Fortnums, fragrance, champagne, hampers. Oh to be an Englishmanwoman  in the Summertime.

Tickets are priced £15.00 and are available by calling 0845 602 5694.