Lab Series BB Tinted moisturiser SPF 35+++

Mr Hirons has used more products than most. The poor man is my guinea pig for all things male skin/hair/shave orientated. Over the years he’s liked and loathed products in equal measure – but I can count on one hand the number of occasions where he has requested seconds.

This was one of them. Granted, you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t have the unspoken husband/wife psychic speak of 23 years: ‘Love, I need some more of that stuff. It was quite good.’
This, readers, is the equivalent of ‘and the Oscar for Best Male Grooming Product in a Leading Role goes to….’

Initially a little sceptical when he saw the slight tint – the other half also does a mean eyebrow – I knew he must have been enjoying it because it stayed on his shelf. And stayed. And stayed. And was emptied.

Lab Series BB Cream could actually be no to a winner here. With the exception of a few, most men I know can just about be bothered to apply something after shaving/washing their face so a 10 in 1 does-it-all product is probably the way forward.
The BB Cream hydrates, regulates shine, tones, reduces redness and has broad spectrum SPF protection.The tint is more designed to even skin tone and post-shave blotchiness as opposed to give coverage – you cannot see this on the skin – no worries here for a chap not into the Robert Smith look.

Mr H says this is ‘pretty perfect’ and gives it 4/5. When I asked ‘Just out of interest…Why not 5?’
His response was ‘Purely for motivational purposes.’

Typical bloke.

Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser is £32.00 and available here.