Dr.Jart+ Beauty Balms

So the big news this week is the launch of the Dr.Jart+ BB creams to the UK. I’ve made my reluctance to BB creams known in the past – generally sub-standard and loved by people who ‘can’t be bothered’ to use the traditional serums/moisturisers/spf etc. I’ve always thought of them as the height of laziness.

However, two things:
I am asked almost daily to review certain BB creams by you lovely readers – and Dr.Jart+ brings to the table a different approach – they are launching four different creams to address dryness, excess sebum, dullness and ageing. What you do if you are 3/4 of those I haven’t yet ascertained!

Firstly, a word on the packaging. It lists Boots as the registered address. I mean literally on the actual packaging. With that in mind I doubt you’ll ever find this anywhere else. Boots seem to have thought wisely and said ‘if you can’t beat’em, buy’em’.

Although Boots are distributing it – it is still made in Korea – and the attention to detail shows on the pack. Boxed, heavy, substantial tubes, double wrapped, foiled and foil sealed. The Far East are obsessive about hygiene and it shows in this extremely pristine packaging.

I love it. Yeah fine. I said it. But I do. Especially this one:

Predictably my favourite is the one for over 30’s. The ageing version. And I blind tested all four before I read up on them.
The textures of all four feels agreeable, not sticky, not too heavy and definitely not too ashen/chalky with SPF.

However, there is definitely an issue with colour for darker skins. I’m not talking about Afro-Caribbean or even Asian skins. I am very definitely olive skinned, with Cherokee Indian in the family – and I picked up colour on the two days of Summer we had last week. You remember – when you went out and didn’t need your umbrella?

My point being – these are absolutely perfect if you are any type of traditional white, British (and American obvs) pale pink to slightly tanned complexion. Emanating from the Far East, they are very definitely aimed at that kind of skin colour.
At the moment they are too pale for me – but – *breathes* I like the textures and so will try them out – on the school run and over my usual moisturisers – I’m not going bareback with these suckers – no-one and nothing is making me give up my Chantecaille – and will report back.

In short, if you like BB’s – and I know a lot of you do, you will love these. In fact, if all foundations came in this packaging I would be a very happy lady.
If however, you have skin tone similar to or darker than mine – you’re still waiting my friend.

So far?

Packaging – 6/5 – adore
Texture – 5/5 – lovely
Colour selection – 2/5 – poor
Availability – 5/5 

Dr.Jarta+ is available on the Boots website right now priced from £18.00  – although it says awaiting stock –  and in Boots stores nationwide.

*very obviously PR samples – you know – on account of them not being on sale yet? 🙂