May in the life of the blog.


Me, Mouldy Fruit and Priya Sonn hanging out with Kim K. Why? Because we could.

Kourtney and Khloe on their way to the launch. Why? Because we could. Muahahahahahaaa


We were sodding freezing.

All that ‘oh it was an amazing experience’…No. It wasn’t. It nearly killed us. Next year I’m writing a fat cheque.

Where I spent nearly two hours after the Moonwalk.

Hardcore if you’re feeling oily/congested. Like a cross between a cleanser and a clay mask.

Sorting. As always.

Fixing a bad reaction to a product.

LOVING the footie.

Adoring the animals. (Can’t remember the source of this – sorry!)

Mental cat.


Breakfast with Jo Malone.

Ah one of my babies meeting Mr Sheeran.

Loving the reminder of the Fun Lovin Criminals.


Loving Nars Easy Lover.

Brilliant DKNY marketing.

The boy.

The girl.

The cat. All enjoying the sun.

Feet in Kew. You know – when we had Summer for 4 days.

A rather ridiculously large tree.
The walkway. Utterly terrifying.

MORE skincare likes.