Daily Makeup

A few posts ago I did a July round-up and one of the pictures featured was this (very rough!) picture snapped one morning of my Daily Face.

I’ve been asked a few times to list what was in the product so a quick run-down from base to lips is below:

Chantecaille Just Skin 

The only foundation I wear. It’s sold as a tinted moisturiser but is perfectly adequate coverage if you don’t want to look too made up but do want your even skin tone back.

If you are over ‘a certain age’ you see the benefits of this on your face immediately. In a league of its own. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage 

Laura is the Queen of concealing – and this is the no-brainer concealer – comes in a pan with two different colours so you can blend accordingly with the area you want to conceal. You need to use with a brush though – just fyi.

Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator 

Loving this – I don’t wear eyeshadow – I just can’t be fussed and my eyelid bags are more like suitcases so why make them MORE noticeable? Anyway – this little beauty does a great job of ‘lifting’ the area (without the use of glitter – don’t get me started) and just perfectly brightens the eyes so that you look alive. Love it.

NARS Ipanema Eyebrow Pencil 

Easy to use – the right texture – I don’t have the patience for powders etc. I just whack this on and blend out the ends if necessary.

New CID i-glow in Coral Crush  

The best bronzer (for my face) ever – I’ve hit the pan on this twice. I use it every single day without fail across the top of my forehead and just ‘around’ my face. Have tried other colours, other brands, every single bronzer on the market – this is the best. No competition.

NARS Sin Blush 

I can’t remember the last time I used a blusher that wasn’t NARS. When you hit 40 (and upwards) you really do lose the colour in your cheeks – this – like the new CID – makes me look alive. I have about 6 other colours – this is the most used. 

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Eye Opening Mascara  

I’ve been using this for about a month and I LOVE it. Double ended – one end for the top lashes – one for the bottom in a contrasting colour to make the eyes ‘pop’. I wear the black and brown. Highly recommend.

Rouge D’Armani in 401 

I picked this up in Harvey Nichols and totally blame Cesar – Armani’s top dude – and an old friend from my counter days. He’s a total enabler. He’s also a genius so if you ever need your makeup doing/new look etc – call Harvey Nics and ask when he’s in. I digress. 

This is the colour used in the lipstick ad with Megan Fox. Needless to say once applied, you too will look like Miss Fox. Kinda. Not really. But it IS a perfect, divine red.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Rouge Laque – The perfect stays-put gloss to stick on top of your lipstick to give extra oomph or just to use on its own to give you instant red, shiny, glamorous lips. Stains a little so great for long wear coverage.

That’s it. Swift, easy, long-lasting. I change the blusher and lip products regularly but the rest of it is pretty much set in stone.