Some changes

Depending on when you started reading this blog – it may always have been Beauty Mouth – or you may remember it as Mother’s Mouth.

Back in 2010 my husband said something to the kids along the lines of ‘The things that come out of your Mother’s mouth!’….. and a blog was born. In the early days it contained anecdotes about the kids, things they had come out with, arguments that entertained us – anything really. But the kids very quickly let their feelings be known by saying ‘and DON’T blog that!!!’

Around the same time I was just getting started on twitter and frankly couldn’t understand the lack of basic,¬†qualified,¬†quantified, decent, non-corporate, non-brand affiliated skincare advice available.

A few of the beauty bloggers around at the time – who I am now fortunate enough to call good friends, namely Grace from London Makeup Girl, Louise from Get Lippie, Helen from Just Nice Things and Yinka from Vex in The City shouted at me¬†politely suggested that if I was so frustrated, ‘I should just blog it.’

And so for ease, I switched from Mother’s Mouth – to Beauty Mouth.

And honestly? I have hated the name ever since.

It was done so that people would recognise it from Mother’s Mouth. See it as me. But it never sat with me. Ever.

So: there are a lot of changes coming up in my working life and I think some of that will naturally spill over in to the blog. In a positive way. So I’m changing the name of this blog to Caroline Hirons.

I know it will affect my google search. It may affect my stats (Seriously? Who CARES??? I mean really.). But I didn’t start blogging caring about search engines or stats. I blogged as an outlet, for fun and hopefully to offer advice to those that wanted it. That’s all.

If you subscribe via email or GFC you won’t be affected. If you never refresh your cookies (find me via google) you won’t be affected. If you follow me via twitter you’ll find me via that link. Ditto Instagram. All changed.

Caroline Hirons. Just me. Good, Bad, Ugly, Informative, Offensive: me.

Welcome to And thank you so much for your continued support.