A few weeks in the life of ….Instagram August and September!

 Bloody hell.

I thought it was just September I missed out. No. Weeks and weeks. Hopefully work will steady out a little (Who am I kidding? Really?) and I can get back to some Clinics and reviews asap!

I am in the last throws of planning a Live Winter Clinic so will have details of that soon. In the meantime… some titbits from the last couple of months…

Westminster Cathedral. Pretty breathtaking.

Harvey Nichols chips. Also breathtaking – for other reasons.

Zelens, La Prairie, Caudalie, Hydraluron and Ms Somerville.


A nice working kit!

Puma in Carnaby St gets a couple of extra window dummies.

Broadwick St mural

Carluccio’s. *weeps*

Me in a terrifying face mask. You’re welcome.

Cleanser I can never remember the name of from pharmacy in Paris, La P, Sjal, Zelens, Hydraluron, Ms Somerville and Caudalie

One of my favourite places

One of my favourite pictures ever – source unknown

Beautiful packaging

A hotel bathroom after my own heart.

Saw at Thorpe Park – or as I called it: CHRIST ON A BIKE

Stealth. Lest said the better.

Me with long legs thanks to a very low sun!

Suti, Zelens, Sjal, La Prairie, Hydraluron and SkinCeuticals SAVED my face after Thorpe Park.
Damien Hirst putting me off my lunch.

Eysilix launch. Not me – for the record.

Trialling this.

Beautiful newness from Balance Me.

And possibly one of my most favourite pictures EVER of my Babygirl – she’s perfectly sane. No really.