P50 and a lack of oomph

So I knew my readers were on the ball – little did I realise just how much.

I bought a new bottle of P50 recently and being rather busy and basically a beat behind everyone else, whilst I thought it odd that I didn’t get any sting on application, last night I remembered the smell.

If you’ve ever used the original P50 you’ll know what I’m talking about. It smells. I personally love it – others didn’t.

Whatever – it no longer smells. Meaning the formulation has changed. Which is no doubt why I no longer sting on application.

Le Grand Sigh.

WHY do brands faff with greatness? I don’t know why or when (but I suspect the EU as per usual had something to do with it – interfering bastards) but the son of the original founders the Alloche’s is over here next week. And I’m away.

Le Grand Sigh.

So as I can’t meet him this time I’ve asked the PR to give me the full spiel – which is no doubt more attractive to him than a 43 year old woman throwing herself around his ankles and screeching ‘WHY???? WHY???’

Will keep you posted. *weeps gently*

P.S. – I know there are retailers that still sell the original in the US and abroad but I’m not linking to them until I know if the old version is available in the US (books flight) – or if they are simply selling excess OLD stock.