Pixi Glow Tonic – a new find!

(old packaging – updated 2013)

I found this Glow Tonic at Pixi last week and my eyes immediately zoomed in on the ingredients. Although they are not incredibly similar to P50 (which is glycolic-free), it is still absolutely classed as an exfoliating toner and I am really enjoying using it.

Pixi skincare is definitely no-frills, which I REALLY like. Anyone else sick of throwing away a heavy box that added £1.50 to the price of your product? I know I am.

Petra’s sister Sofia trained as an aesthetician in Sweden to degree level, she was based in Stockholm and was a facialist with a little black book of Sweden’s A list. She wanted to create a line that she could use in her bespoke facials in Stockholm.

Sofia wanted to develop a range for Pixi that was based around purely: simplicity and efficacy, the skincare is hand made in small batches and packaged simply and priced sensibly as she wanted to encourage people to use the best quality skincare at a price they could afford. (TOTAL WIN)

The skincare is ‘spin’ free, over 12 years old and still is hand labelled/filled and very much anti-hype. There is no added colour/fillers, with some products that are AMAZING for even hyper sensitive skins. It is definitely a results-driven range.

The Glow Tonic is an oil-free, alcohol-free, gentle but astringent toner. Heavy in aloe vera, it also contains witchhazel to tone and firm, smooth the appearance of the skin and soften the texture. Ginseng aids the natural supply of oxygen to the cells and horse chestnut stimulates the skin and circulation.

Glycolic loosens the excess accumulation of dead skin cells and thus exfoliates. It says for normal to dry and older skins but this will help all skin types in my opinion.

You can use 2 x day as a toner – will help diminish signs of sun damage and reduce fine lines.

AND: it’s £16.00. SIXTEEN POUNDS. For 250ml.

And wait for it: I just called the store to fact check the price and Pixi is currently on a Buy One Get One Free promotion.

What it DOES have in common with P50 is that it not available online – you need to call the store on 0207 287 7211 or email [email protected] for mail order.

Glow Tonic is available from www.pixibeauty.co.uk/skintreats

By far the BEST BOGOF offer I’ve seen in a long, long time.

(product reformulated in 2013 – this is 2012 formula)

You should also check out their masks. I’m working my way through them and in light of the promotion will move them up the list to review!