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2012 Awards. Eye Cream and Launch of the Year. Eysilix, Hydraluron and Indeed Labs.

I didn’t get on with Nanoblur and could never be bothered with Peptalash (just one more thing to do too far – you know?) but Indeed Labs redeemed themselves completely with these two products this year.

Eysilix is essentially every eye cream you ever bought, with added peptides, all wrapped up together for £24.99, as opposed to some of the more ridiculously priced eye creams on the market at the moment. It contains 10 peptides, which doesn’t always mean anything but in this formulation, for me, they work. I’ve noticed if I stop using it my dark circles are worse – it doesn’t fix them permanently, if you stop using any cream they will come back – but it does help them on a day-to-day basis when I am using it.

No surprises for my Launch of the Year.

Hydraluron has basically been in my routine since I wrote this review when it launched. Nothing has changed, I still use it daily – most of the time 2 x a day. I’ve lost count of how many tubes I’ve used. It has absolutely helped keep breakouts at bay and my pretty much permanently dehydrated skin loves it.

Eysilix and Hydraluron are my Eye Cream and Launch of the Year. Both are available at Boots.