2012 Awards. Gadget Launch of the Year – ghd Air Hairdryer

I have never been in on the ghd scene. I don’t own the straighteners – and I didn’t know that ghd stood for Good Hair Day. Makes perfect sense though – I had an old boss that we privately nicknamed PBHD – stood for Perpetual Bad Hair Day (in our defense it was horrific). But ghd’s? I wasn’t on that bandwagon. Yes, if there was a hair-awareness rock – I would be under it. 

Until around a month ago when my hairdryer blew up in my hand – and I literally on the same day received an email from ghd asking if I would like to try their new Air hairdryer. If I’m honest, I said yes purely out of laziness. The timing was right is all. 

Thank GOD.

This little, stylish, compact machine has LITERALLY saved my hair. Killed my frizz. Halved the time it takes to dry. It’s quick, quiet, comfortable in the hand and I am now aghast that I didn’t upgrade my old (and I mean OLD) hairdryer sooner.

ghd Air Hairdryer is my Gadget of the Year.

*orders straighteners, gets on bandwagon*

*PR Sample – thank GOD.

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