Candle of the Week. Aromatherapy Associates Fragranced Candle Duo.

Candle of the Week is this GORGEOUS duo from Aromatherapy Associates. Containing Relax and Comfort – both natural wax candles burn for 20 hours and are the absolute dogs for relaxation and an instant ‘switch-off’. 

Word of advice: don’t burn them when you are supposed to be working. *head, desk* *fail*

AA are easy pickings for Christmas gifts. Always packaged beautifully and the gift that doesn’t say ‘you need some face cream/you look a little overweight, have this cellulite cream/here have some make-up because yours is pants’.

Aromatherapy Associates Fragranced Candle Duo is available from all AA stockists and is priced £29.00. 

*pr sample, no affiliate links

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