Candle of the Week. Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig – and a special mention to Mr Hirons

Four score and twenty years ago – a woman in red married a cute floppy-haired musician in West London. 

OK – 18 years ago. Just setting the scene. I did wear red – we had two boys by then – the jig was well and truly up – and anyway, ivory is not one of my colours. 

My brief to the florist was red, big, fabulous, wild and show stopping. Step forward Mr Timothy Dunn – whose shop (at that time) was across the road. He surpassed himself. It was full of barcarolle roses, red berries and eucalyptus as a nod to the season. He even added red chili* peppers in it as a nod to my musical tastes. It was genius. And I let it dry out and kept it in the kitchen for years afterwards.

So today of all days, the Candle of the Week has to be Timothy Dunn’s Arabian Fig.

‘A blend of wild fig, basil and clove enhanced by frankincense, cassis, rose and jasmine intertwined with radiant base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.’

It is the absolute perfect candle for this time of year. Mr Hirons and I will be burning it this evening when we get back from school pickup and doing the big shop. We still lead rock star lives.

Congratulations Tim. I love it when a grafter does well.

And Happy Anniversary Mr Hirons.

Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig is available here and priced £45.00 for 60 hours burning time.

*that’s how they spell it – don’t judge me

Also – PR sample – thanks TD. Back off bitches – he was mine first.

A little Chili Peppers to brighten your morning. The best song from the best band. We miss you John  Frusciante.