Clarins Double Serum – the review that never was.

So here’s the thing – this is set to be Clarins biggest launch this year. It has already had rave reviews from BBB and Ree – both of whom also received it early – and seem to really love it.

However, between moving into a new office (YAY!) and the Lurg (BOO!) – although I had this early for testing, I was late to the party. And then at the weekend I was tagged in a post on Sali Hughes’ Facebook group where someone expressed concern that this contained mineral oil.

THAT I was not expecting. It didn’t occur to me that something from a brand that prides itself on plant extracts would contain mineral oil. I checked the box and sure enough – the oil component of Double Serum is mineral oil.

So we have 20 plant extracts in a mineral oil. What’s the point? Well, Clarins will probably say that the mineral oil is a good generic carrier oil and they can expect fewer reactions (and thus fewer returns) and it is a stable base for all their actives. My cynical side will say that it made the formula much cheaper to produce. Much cheaper.

So – this is the review that never was. Why? Because I’ve been working really hard on my skin lately – to the point where people are noticing and commenting that my skin is ‘looking good’.

I’m not about to slather it in mineral oil – no matter how much I love Clarins – and I DO – I really LOVE Clarins. I’ve been using it for around 25 years. I have a whole list of products ready to blog on my ‘Favourite Brands’ post that is coming up.

Just as well really because this isn’t ever going to be one of them.

I’m sticking to my beloved Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate (which is coming up next on the blog).

¬†Sorry Clarins. But really: What’s the point?