Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate – Review

OK moving on from yesterday (please) – this little beauty is an example of what Clarins do really well. Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate should be in everyone’s skin SOS kit.

Containing only plant oils (yay!) this is an extremely gentle serum/oil that:

  • soothes irritation with fatty acids from soy and avocado
  • reduces redness with licorice and marjoram
  • increases the skin’s resistance to external aggressors
  • contains fat soluble Vitamin A which is the most gentle formula for the skin.

That along with the above means you start to slowly get your glow back in place of the glaring red of sensitivity. Its mild enough to be used regularly for sensitive skins as a serum/protectant and is perfect for those days where your skin just needs a comfort blanket – whether its feeling rough from partying/weather/travel – anything. Its ability to take down redness combined with the Vitamin A means it is also a safe bet for acne/combination skins.

This is a staple in my travel bag if I’m going on a plane – it’s light so can be reapplied (long haul!) and doesn’t clog pores – at all.

Use under moisturiser am and pm.

One of my staple products and highly recommended.

Available from priced £39.50 for 15ml.