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pepta-bright from indeed laboratories – Review

My love affair with Hydraluron (Hironsluron) is well known. Well, Indeed Labs have done it again.

This is one of those products that you don’t know you need until you use it and then can’t bear to be without it. I wanted to use it for a few weeks to test the claims of fading scarring and pigmentation.

Let me say this from the off: if you are young, have bouncy fabulous skin and no pigmentation or uneven skin tone – you won’t love it like I love it. Because bitch you may not need it. (You will still see the benefits – but they won’t be as WHOA as someone my age.)

If, however, you have a face that shows you’re 30+ and have lived a good life (ahem), worship the sun enjoy sunbathing, have suffered with adult acne and the resulting scarring – any of the above really – then you could do a lot worse than to check this out.

Presented as an ‘Intense Brightening Treatment’ it claims to do the following (with my subtle comments next to them):

  1. Even skin tone – YES
  2. Reduce and lighten pigmentation – YES
  3. Prevent, treat and diminish dark spots – YES
  4. Restore luminosity and radiance – OHMYGOD YES
  5. Prevent photoaging – WHO KNOWS?
  6. Stimulate cell turnover – TOO EARLY TO TELL
  7. Maintain skin’s hydration – YEP, USE LESS HYDRALURON AS A RESULT

In short, for me – its all about No. 2 – My acne scars are fading – and No.4 – as soon as you put this on your face it looks like someone has used QVC’s soft-lighting-reserved-especially-for-you-know-who to make you look awake, alive and glowing.

What’s impressive is what is left out of the formulation. 

It does not contain any:

  • bismmuth oxychloride – the ingredient most commonly used to give ‘radiance’ in eyeshadows/eye creams – also one of the most common allergens and the reason I can’t use Bare Minerals.
  • hydroquinone – banned in the EU but still widely available in a lot of high-end brands – naughty
  • kojic acid – like hydroquinone – skin bleach
  • mercury – d’uh – its mercury
  • parabens – I don’t actually mind about parabens – a lot of fuss about nothing that now has a myth attached to it. Parabens don’t give you cancer. Chillax.

Now a part of my staple skincare wardrobe – if you look at pictures of yourself when you were 20 and say ‘GOD I look so YOUNG’ – this is for you.

pepta-bright is available from Boots for £29.99 – and is at the time of posting on 3 for 2. *sits on bank card*

Sidebar: I use it AM and PM religiously. Its a commitment people. Keep it up.

* PR sample