A nice combination. Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Oil and Aurelia Miracle Cleanser

So I’m using the Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil (!!) pretty much every evening. What’s not clear with her two oils, despite the inordinately overlong name, is that they are designed as a pre-cleanse. I’ve been asked if they are suitable as a facial oil – I can’t see any reason why not – although I only use it as pre-cleanse. I prefer my treatment facial oils to be slightly thicker – better massage.

It’s a strange one the Una Brennan range, I suspect the line is a joint venture with Boots – it’s still the only place you can buy it and there is little from Una herself directly online. No website, just reviews from mags/blogs. Having said that – it’s a good priced range and the products are for the most part, good.

This oil is great for loosening all makeup before your actual cleanse.

The Aurelia Miracle Cleanse is a really good follow up cleanser. It has the smell and kick of Cleanse & Polish but leaves the skin much softer and hydrated. It’s the product I’ve used the most whilst trialing Aurelia and I previously reviewed it here.

A lovely twosome.

Stop the press: I was just sent this link by a lovely reader: http://www.superfacialist.co.uk/ Apologies Una!

Una Brennan is available here.

Aurelia is available here.