Jo Malone Limited Edition Red Roses – going going…almost gone…

I readily admit, when I first heard that Charlotte Stockdale was going to be Jo Malone’s ‘Style Editor’ I raised my eyebrow (For a change? How rude.). 

Now? Now I get it. Jo Malone needed a fresh pair of eyes and it would appear MS Stockdale has done just that. I’ve been a customer of Jo Malone since Walton Street. I wasn’t particularly ‘in the know’ back then – I just happen to be a West London girl. Lime, Basil and Mandarin has been on my shelf since those days – although I now favour the stronger Cologne Intense range – especially Velvet Rose & Oud and Rose Water & Vanilla. *bliss*

I’ve completely digressed.

Charlotte’s Corner debuted at Selfridges last week and is a one-off installation featuring must-have Jo Malone London pieces mixed with vintage finds and textiles. Says Stockdale, “I wanted to add a modern twist to the iconic packaging of Jo Malone London. I love neon, especially on a neutral background, so the classic cream and black set against shocking pink is a brilliant combination. It’s fashion graffiti. Playful, cool and alive.”

The Collection contains scatter cushions and scented sachets – but the main attraction is undoubtedly the Limited Edition dipped bottles of Red Roses of which there are 300 available. Well, there were. I just called the counter in London and they have none at the moment but are expecting the very last of them on a delivery tomorrow. Get yours while you can. 

Jo Malone in Selfridges London is on 0207 318 3998. The Limited Edition Red Roses Cologne is £120.00.

Now they just need to BRING BACK VINTAGE GARDENIA and all will be well with the world.