Shiseido Expert Sun Aging Protection SPF30

I thought I’d keep the reviews of the SPF’s as user-friendly as possible – i.e. not let the brands overwhelm with the science and marketing blurb and just give the details (I think) you need.

First up is Shiseido’s Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream.

Available in two strengths:



Two sizes:



‘UVA’ symbol on pack:


Water resistant?:


Perspiration resistant?:


Rub resistant?:

Not stated.


Lovely – absorbs easily leaving no ‘white’residue


Subtle SPF smell, smells like a hybrid of a Shiseido moisturiser and SPF – pleasant

Suitability for darker skins:

I tested the SPF30 – I think it would be fine for dark skins.

What else?:

Sand proof. (!?)

Has patented SuperVeil UV-360 technology that ensures the coverage over every area of the skin – basically claims to reach the parts other sun creams don’t reach! 🙂

ProfenseCEL defends against UV exposure by limiting enzyme activity.


A lovely cream that absorbs very quickly, leaves no ‘white’ residue and is EU approved ensuring at least 30% of the protection is towards UVA damage. (See SPF Cheat Sheet)

Shiseido Expert Sun Aging Protection starts from £27.50 and is available next week from House of Fraser.