Paula Begoun, the rumour mill and make your mind up.

I’ve had a lot of questions on social media about lots of other brands and Paula’s own line. To reiterate: this is absolutely not personal – she goes up against big brands and says ‘Really? THAT much?’ and I completely respect that. I just personally think it is spectacularly important when you have your own brand that the message is clear and consistent.
Everything is based on someone’s opinion. Everything. And everyone is of course entitled to one.
It is perfectly acceptable to respect someone’s opinion – and them, whilst disagreeing with it. That’s all.

Second update:
The team at Paula’s Choice have updated both reviews to show far more information and give more clarity. It is not surprising that the Eve Lom reviews weren’t prioritised, Eve Lom is nowhere near as well known in the US as it is in the UK.

Original post:

I had a comment (somewhere!!) that said something along the lines of ‘I know you’ve said you don’t like Paula Begoun’…

I’ve never said I don’t like Paula Begoun! She has absolutely made a difference to how women view beauty products and counter staff – especially in the US.. I have great respect for her sticking her neck out and taking on the brands and their claims.

All I’ve said is that I don’t understand how someone whose website has previously written a scathing review like this about Eve Lom cleanser (worse than ME – really):

and this about Eve Lom TLC cream – both reviews refer to mineral oil in a (very) negative light:

Can then bring out a product that contains mineral oil:

And say this about mineral oil:

If it ‘cannot become solid and clog pores’ why say it does exactly that in the Eve Lom cleanser?

So what is it? Does it clog pores or doesn’t it? Does it only clog pores in products that aren’t Paula’s Choice? It seems illogical to slag off one brand for using mineral oil and then use it in your own brand.

On the plus side they at least print all their ingredients. (I will not stop going on about this.)

On the negative side the message is confusing to the average consumer.

That’s all.

No that’s not all.

I still don’t like mineral oil. Sorry. 😉