SAM FARMER. And why you should buy it.


Here’s the deal. A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from my girlfriend Holly (a younger, prettier version of me but just as easily riled when faced with sexism/misogyny/pretty much any discrimination).

It went along the lines:

‘Babe. I’ve just met this incredible dad called Sam and you HAVE to help him.’

‘K. Elaborate maybe?’

‘He’s this REALLY lovely man who went into XXX to buy his daughter deodorant and was so pissed off by the sexist set-up being rammed down his throat that he’s started his own non-gender-specific-unisex line for young people.’

‘I’m in. Send me his details.’

‘He’s REALLY lovely.’

‘I said I’M IN.’

The best conversations always go like that don’t they?! So I met Sam Farmer last week. And he IS really lovely.

Unlike Ted Baker – Sam Farmer is a real-life person – who, it transpires, cared passionately enough about gender equality that he did indeed make his own brand. I’ve felt similarly enraged whilst out and about shopping for products for my 11 year old daughter. Everything is pink, princess-y, glittery, full of love hearts and frankly smells of flowery sick. Shopping for my boys (men), everything is steel grey, black, uses words like ‘Adonis’ and is strong enough to knock out a horse.

Don’t take my word for it. Look in the deodorant aisle next time you’re in a supermarket or chemist.

‘I’m not sure my children took me seriously after I stormed out of the shop, dumbfounded by the sexist stereotyping marketing we were confronted with, shouting ‘that’s all bullshit, you’re both equal!’ and assuring them things were about to change as they ran for cover’.

The Sam Farmer line (so called because Sam was sick of not knowing the names behind the brands) is now here. And it’s bloody good.

Simple, to the point and does the job. The first lot of samples Sam sent me were stolen taken by my kids before I’d even unpacked my bag. They smell fresh and clean and although they have been made with young people in mind, I’ve been using the body wash and the deodorant myself. Lush.

No ridiculous claims, simple instructions and good formulations.

If you want your teens/young people to equate toiletries with having a clean bodynot enticing the opposite sex for a shag at the age of 11, please try Sam Farmer.

British-made, not a huge conglomerate, not available everywhere (yet), Sam Farmer deserves our support.

Prices start at £3.99 and go up to £6.00. Suitable for all skin types, including big people.

And my retailer friends that read my blog. You should stock this. I’ll be coming after you too.

Because its one thing to call your daughter ‘Princess’, it’s quite another to assume that’s her life’s ambition.

More information can be found here: 

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Sam Farmer. He’s just a good man doing a great job of being an excellent father.