Selfridges event – just me, lovely readers and thieving swines.

This Thursday I was lucky enough to meet a lot of readers at Selfridges Beauty Workshop. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you that queued for 3 hours just so I could offer you advice/rant/abuse your choices/pick your blackheads (it was a really good one – what can you do?)

I’m so appreciative to each and every reader of this blog and cannot believe how lucky I am to do what I love – both at work and on this site.

Photo courtesy of @ourlondonstyle


photo courtesy of @laursbeauty778 and @luciaknowsbeauty

An extra special thank you to the Ladies who came back in after this happened:

At 8.30pm on the dot 10 men held a smash’n’grab in Selfridges Wonder Room – leading to possibly the worst panic I’ve seen in my years of retail.

How very dare they.

When we were allowed back in the building a little while later we carried on as if nothing had happened – albeit a little shaken. Kudos to the Selfridges staff who were impeccable in both their concern for their customers and communication afterwards.

All in all not an entirely dull occasion.

Thank you Selfridges for having me – especially┬áBarbie, Stephanie and the shop floor staff on the night.