YES or NO Clinic – CLOSED!!!

UPDATE: 27.06.13

You have to click ‘Load More’ at the bottom of the comments at least 5 times to see all the answers to the questions.

Otherwise it looks as if I am ignoring everyone. I’m not. Promise.

Try it! It’s like magic!

(I’m closing comments again until I can answer everyone – sorry)

*braces self*

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I fell really bad about not getting back to people who have left comments/questions all over the blog – I mean ALL OVER. I can’t keep up. 


I’m opening up this thread as a one-stop shop for all your YES or NO questions that haven’t been answered recently. Please note: I am going to get back to you as and when I can – it may not be today – but it will be by Friday afternoon. I’ll leave it open as long as I can – if I DON’T get to you – I’ll do it again next week. Don’t panic. I estimate I’ll have to close comments at some point. Please don’t hate me. I’m trying!

OK – YES or NO: GO. *pleads* please keep it short!! 🙂

CLINIC IS CLOSED! Oh my god is it closed!! LOL