Filofax to the rescue

I admitted defeat a couple of weeks ago. My diary/notebook/list pad just wasn’t keeping me on the straight and narrow. I’ve long been a fan of Filofax but the past couple of years was trying the whole diary/other pads of paper combo and it just wasn’t happening.

Thank God for the lovely Filofax that jumped to my rescue with this beauty.

The Osterley is the perfect A5 size – so big enough to be able to see/write but not too big and overpowering to carry around. I’m annoyed with myself for not going back to it sooner.

Now I have everything in one place – with tabs for business/blog/home – everything. I’m loving having the Day to a Page back too. So much easier!

 I know some of you are as obsessed with stationery as me – trust me – this is gorgeous.

The Filofax Osterley is £190.00 and comes in Grey, Orange and Plum. Available from

*The Osterley was PR sample – I purchased all of the inserts/diary.