I’m doing something I NEVER do.

Tomorrow I am heading out for a long overdue break. I mean really long overdue. We haven’t been abroad as a family in 18 years. EIGHTEEN years. I know.

So: I will be Instagramming like a crazy person and will be on twitter for a little each day – but I have very limited access to WI-FI *insert cheerleaders* and so will not be updating the blog nor replying to comments.

For those readers that are fairly new – you may or may not know that this blog is still currently my sideline – I work full-time in the beauty industry.

Had I been more organised I would have scheduled posts etc – but I am still – at 9pm on my birthday, the night before I go away, working, having packed nothing. So that won’t be happening.

When I return I have meetings ahoy scheduled for things like YouTube and will be amping up the blog even more so towards the end of the year…..so please just give me this couple of weeks to rest, sunbathe, swim, sunbathe, hang out with my faimly, sunbathe and basically get my head together.

Thank you for an amazing year so far on this blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Even you trolls. You make me remember that I’m very blessed not to have such a sad shitty attitude and to genuinely feel empathy towards my fellow man. I truly wish you everything you clearly resent in others.

As for the rest of you lovely, supportive, wonderful, engaging people: I’m worried you may miss me. So here:

You’re welcome.

See you in August!!!

I will respond to the Lauder comments when I get back – unless I get near wi-fi* and out of my husband’s sight for long enough to crack on while I’m there! 😉

*Nobody tells Jim.