Blog Housekeeping – or ‘Things I say time and time again Part 2’

Some Blog Housekeeping whilst I’m at it.

Just to clarify some key points that I think sometimes get lost on the blog:

  • I am not a dermatologist – I am happy to recommend one – always.
  • I am a qualified facialist  – My advice is built on experience, training, knowledge, trial and error and client interaction and feedback. I trained at Steiner in Wardour Street (now moved to North London) with the terrifyingly thorough Josephine Wackett as Principal.
  • I will always, always mention if I am working with a brand that I am writing about – so there is no need to ask me in the comments – rest assured I will always disclose.
  • I have never been paid to post a review. I’ve never done sponsored posts either but I’m talking about the insinuation that I get a backhander from the industry – I don’t. Ever.
  • I DO buy product. I don’t only post about freebies.
  • Brands: If a reader has asked me about your product and you respond – the odds are I won’t publish it. They’re asking me for an unbiased opinion – they’ll hardly get that from you – however lovely you may be.
  • I very rarely recommend something I haven’t tried. If I trust the brand and the inci looks good then I probably would – but I always say ‘I haven’t tried it’.
  • Cleansing is by far the most important part of your skincare routine. But: you don’t have to have 3 cleansers on rotation. It’s just nice if you have two – one for MU/SPF removal and one for a 2nd cleanse. Therapists have been doing this in treatments since the land of donkeys and carts. Your face will not fall off if you use the same cleanser for both.
  • If something is working for you – please don’t change it just because it didn’t work for me or I don’t particularly recommend it. All skin is different. Except for peach kernels. Stop that nonsense immediately. Regardless.
  • I didn’t get on with the Clarisonic. This does not mean that I harm small animals. Thousands of you do. Excellent. Carry on. With the Clarisonic I mean, not harming small animals.
  • I’ve never said I don’t like Jurlique. Randomness? The odd product in the line maybe – but I like the range as a whole.
  • I go back and adjust archived blog posts or update them where necessary and link to an updated review – Estee Lauder ANR for example. I’ve adjusted the Paula’s Choice blog post and see no reason to add anything. It’s self-explanatory. There is a postscript AND a second update at the head of the original post. I dig that Paula has such loyal fans – I do. Which leads me to….
  • Mineral oil. Ah mineral oil. If you are using a product with MO in it – and you love it – please don’t stop on my account. It won’t kill you. There are better ingredients to use as a base for products – in my opinion – that is and has always been my point – but it won’t kill you!