Kate Somerville now shipping to the UK

Finally – FINALLY – Kate Somerville is shipping her amazingness to our very shores. I’m always asked for specific recommendations – but in all honesty its kind of hard to go wrong with this range. (Before it comes up – the KS range has ‘foaming’ cleansers – the Gentle one is SLS-free)

Some of my favourites:

Line Release Eye Cream – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful product. Over 30/35? This is for you.

Deep Tissue Repair – plumps, rehydrates, smooths wrinkles – lush.

Oil Free Moisturiser – water-based, brilliant hydrating – the Gold Standard of moisturiser for the truly oily skins.


1.7 oz

Nourish Daily Moisturiser – pretty much a perfect ‘go-to’ staple for everyone. And another great thing about the KS brand? They make Luxury (salon) sizes available to the public like this:

5 oz

..with a proper value saving.

And finally:

When in doubt ‘go Goat’. This is listed as for dry/sensitive but is also brilliant for acne. Everyone I recommend this to loves it. Literally.

As an aside – I am frequently asked for book recommendations on skin (blog post coming) etc – this one is very good:

It’ll cost you less than £20 – stick it in your basket before you checkout.

Welcome back!