Michael Kors Beauty #SportySexyGlam

Yesterday I had possibly the best personal intro to a new range since I started the blog. Over lunch, with gorgeous company – *waves* – I was taken through the new Michael Kors Beauty range.

Those of you that know me IRL will understand my love for The Kors. I don’t generally go in for the whole designer ‘thing’. Oh but I love Michael Kors. Love him. If he was a singer he’d be SLB*. If he was a guitarist he’d be Jimmy Page. You see my point…

He’s larger than life, throw-it-all-out-there and doesn’t take himself too seriously. And this collection is a reflection of him. It’s fun, glamorous, sexy and gorgeous all in one.


Predictably my favourites from the Collection are the bronzing powders (£34). Huge, gorgeous pigment – no glitter.

#Glam – Beam – The deepest golden bronze.


#Sporty – Glow – barely any shimmer – traditional bronzer – if you use NARS Laguna? This one is for you.


#Sexy – Flush – I think this is my favourite – it has a divine pinky/coral tint that literally looks like a ‘flush’.


The above is all three lined up together to show the difference – and the below is my beloved NARS Sin blusher – for scale – see? HUGE.

Lip Lacquers £23.00


Lip Luster £21.00

Six shades of Nail Lacquer – £15.00 each.

And as if that wasn’t enough…guess who he’s used for the ad campaign?

And he’s a Leo.

*snaps fingers in a Z formation*

Michael Kors Beauty is available in Nordstrom, House of Fraser and Debenhams.

Next week: the Fragrance and Body Collection

*Simon Le Bon – obvs.