Beauty Myths No.1 – Your skin sleeps during the day.

Dear Readers.

My day started with an email from someone requesting that I test their (revolutionary – obviously) cream at night – ‘because the skin sleeps during the day’.

After my head exploded and I put it back together again, I decided on a lovely new series for the blog.

‘Beauty Myths’ is born out of utter frustration with the casual jargon that mentioned often enough, becomes Bible.

No. Your skin does not, will not and has never ‘slept’ during the day. The other argument for using differing products in the evening is that your skin ‘may’ relax a little whilst its not busy fighting off free radicals.

Funnily enough, free radicals are also not particularly conscious of time and are in fact, around us 24/7 – but that’s apparently by the by for some marketing people. If you wanted to really annoy someone you could argue that as soon as you breathe out carbon dioxide, your face is surrounded in a cloud of free-radicals – but that’s also apparently by the by.

You use different products at night because you don’t need SPF – or thicker ‘protecting’ moisturisers – which means you can use lighter, more effective formulations – serums/oils/retinoids etc – to target and treat your issues.

AM: Protect

PM: Treat

Your skin is your biggest organ. Replace the word ‘skin’ in this sentence with Heart, Brain, Lungs, Kidney, Liver and see how long you would be alive for.

‘Your skin sleeps during the day’.

Right, well that’s me dead then.