FOUNTAIN – the Hyaluronic Molecule

First dibs for you here. Hyaluronic acid – something that regular readers of the blog will be more than aware of – is now, for the first time, available as an ingestible liquid form to hit the system quicker and more effectively.

Hyaluronic acid is omnipresent in skincare – primarily because although we produce hyaluronic acid in our bodies, our ability to hold on to it declines as we get older, resulting for example in dryer skin and aching joints (its not the sole reason, its a factor).

Think of hyaluronic acid as the cushion for your joints and along with collagen, as the support structure for your face. We need it.

Serving the theory of inside and out very well, Deciem’s Fountain is a concentrate of hyaluronic acid and ginger extract and will be available from Boots from 2nd October.

It’s a gel-like texture, which although strange to drink, doesn’t taste bad at all – it has a light ginger taste – very gentle – not strong at all. I wash it down with bottled water but you can mix it with your favourite juice if you prefer.

For £27.99 for a 3 week supply, I’m trialing it with a view to using it as a treatment a fwe times a year.

You can see it yourself from next Wednesday at Boots – online and instores.

*PR Sample