That was Summer…..

Probably the best summer fragrance….


US shopping resulted in very few finds. Sorry girls! This one wasn’t altogether heinous.


The Promised Land


Real Techniques making an appearance in Grand Central Station


Fresh make-it-at-the-table guacamole


Love New London Pharmacy in Chelsea


I love NYC.


Made this happy purchase….


C O Bigelow – bliss!


Lovely cleanser – unfortunately impossible to use – make a pump please!


Had the teeth whitened – and scared small children.


Tried to relax on hols. Tried.


Saved my face with Clarins….


And did the Perricone 3 Day Diet to kick-start healthier living after the summer excesses….


The face that says ‘What? So I love ravioli – WHAT?’


Enjoying post-hols skin – while it lasted!


Beautiful new Jo Malone fragrance


A present from my brother. I love you too.


Assouline – my favourite bookstore.


The kids watching Nana put her make-up on… 🙂


Mum’s ‘regular’ make-up. *eyebrow*


Stolen by Mum who was obsessed after one use.


My Mum is the only person I know that can grow grapes up North.


Sorry I just had to. Source unknown – but I love it.


We said Happy Birthday to this chap….


We said Goodbye to Amica


We said Hello to a new addition in the family (she’s not mine!)


And I went back to work – let the testing begin….


I hope you all had a wonderful Summer – I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to Autumn.