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The Body Shop up their game. Camomile Cleansing Butter and Oil.

Last weekend I had my usual pre-September clear out and re-organised pretty much everything – including products for testing – which due to the school holidays had taken a back seat. No more! Back with a vengeance.

These new cleansers from The Body Shop, whilst not perfect – are a step in the right direction.

First up: Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

This, for regular readers, is simliar to Clinique TTDO Balm, which in turn is similiar to something like Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. They all work, but the clues are in the ingredients.

There is no mineral oil in any of them, but there is a ‘synthetic wax’ in this version from the Body Shop – along with shea butter in an ethylhexyl palmitate* base making it a complete no-no for acne/combination skin.

You could use it as a first cleanse if you were wearing really heavy makeup if you wanted to – but you would definitely need to go in with something more suitable for your skin as a second cleanse to make sure it was all off.

It should be ok for anyone with dry/really dry or sensitive skin though.

  • takes makeup off effortlessly.
  • a little goes a long way
  • it says you can apply and then rinse off – I wouldn’t dream of using something with this consistency without a facecloth – you’re asking for trouble – even if you thoroughly tone afterwards
  • works out to £13.33 per 100ml, compared to Clinique £16.80 per 100ml, Emma Hardie £34.00 per 100ml and Eve Lom £55.00 per 100ml.

This is the nice surprise. I used this last night to remove makeup and again this morning to see how it performed on bare skin.

Top performing on both counts.

  • removed mascara like it was a mere swipe of a pencil
  • no sticky residue
  • has a definite scent but it’s not overpowering – and it doesn’t (thank GOD) smell like camomile tea
  • once again they say rinse off- gag – get a flannel on your skin stat – these are oils – they are literally designed to leave residue – no matter how much they ’emulsify’.
  • left skin soft and smooth
  • £5.00 per 100ml (!!) compared with Shu Uemura £19.67 per 100ml

Both of these are great value, work well and recommended (used in the way I recommend – obvs).

As an aside:

I always get comments when I mention TBS – so I thought it was worth mentioning some things that always come up.

I often think The Body shop have set themselves up to disappoint some people by simply being ahead of their time. Anita Roddick was talking about Fair Trade, mineral oil (from the non-sustainable point of view) and animal testing almost from the brand’s inception.

The fact that L’Oreal are now the parent company has put off many who say that the brand can no longer be animal-friendly due to L’Oreal selling in China. I guess it’s entirely up to you and your beliefs.

I say this: The Body Shop are still endorsed by Cruelty-Free International – and they know way more about these things than I do – I’ve seen them at work. They are hardcore. If they are happy, I’m happy.


Body Shop products are available on

*PR samples – but totally on the ‘would purchase’ list

*ethylhexyl palmitate is derived from palm oil – but everything I can find leads me to believe that TBS uses sustainable, responsibly-sourced palm oil sources.